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Links to shorter articles and interviews about my research and diversity in economics

Diversity in economics

I believe strongly in the need to diversify economics. I launched, and am co-chair of,  Discover Economics  and I was chair of the RES women's committee from 2017-20. 

Discover Economics Campaign launch  Coverage: Financial Times, TimesTelegraph, Economist, BBC World Service, BBC More Or Less

Nominated for an ‘Inclusion, Outreach and Diversity Award’ by CityAM
Vox EU podcast and article

Women in Economics event
Access to Economics
Under-representation of women in economics (1) and (2)  
Economics gender problem starts in school

Articles on the Economics Observatory
DEC appeals (2022)

International Women’s Day (2022)
Male and Female Voices (2022)

How has COVID affected charitable giving (2021)
International Women’s Day (2021) 

Period Poverty (2021)

Childcare: webinar, VoxEU, Conversation, Sarah Vine podcast 

Impact on female academics

Charitable giving

Altruism born of suffering

Tax incentives and legacy giving

Nudges and legacy giving
Competitive altruism
Behavioural Insights

"Economics rockstar"

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