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I am an applied micro-economist.  My research covers public and labour economics.  I am currently working on pro-social behaviour and gender

Current projects

  • Giving during a pandemic - with Kim Scharf and Derrick Xu

  • Gender and expert advice - with Hans Sievertsen (AEARCTR-0011764)

  • Challenging stereotypes in economics - with Arun Advani, Laura Harvey (AEARCTR-0010148)

  • The Gender Gap in expert voice: Evidence from economics - with Hans Sivertsen (submitted) Summary

  • ​Gender differences in the effects of goal-setting interventions: Evidence from a fundraising field experiment - with Mark Wilhelm (submitted)

  • Measuring academic performance in a more inclusive way (with Erin Hengel and Almudena Sevilla) revise and re-submit


Published papers 

Lift and Shift: The effect of fundraising interventions in charity space and time (with Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm and Kimberley Scharf) AEJ: Economic Policy (2022). Winner, best paper award, ARNOVA conference 2018

Economics of Philanthropic Tax Incentives (with Jim Andreoni) in Routledge Handbook of Taxation and Philanthropy (2021)

Altruism Born of Suffering: The impact of an adverse health shock on pro-social behavior (with Nicole Black, Elaine de Gruyter, Denis Petrie) Journal of Behavior and Organization (2021). Featured in this VoxEU podcast 

Women in Economics: A UK perspective (with Danula Gamage, Almudena Sevilla) Oxford Review of Economic Policy (2021). Summary in CSWEP newsletter

Baby steps: Childcare during the COVID pandemic (with Almudena Sevilla) Oxford Review of Economic Policy (2020). Summary (VoxEU). Discussed in an OXREP webinar and with Sarah Vine on her first podcast

The completion effect in charitable fundraising (with Nichole Argo, David Klinowksi and Tamar Krishnamurti) (2020) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2020)

Getting a healthy start: The effectiveness of targeted benefits for improving dietary choice (with Stephanie von Hinke and Rachel Griffith) Journal of Health Economics (2018)

Wolves in sheep's clothing: Is non-profit status used as a signal of quality? (with Daniel Jones and Carol Propper) Journal of Health Economics (2017)

Does participation lead to ongoing infrastructure maintenance? Evidence from Caribbean landslide projects (with Erlend Berg, Liz Holcombe, Malcolm Anderson) Journal of Development Studies (2017)

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